About our company

About our company

About our company


Western Pacific Engineering Group Limited (WPEG) has an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to be responsive to our clients. We work as a motivated team that delivers innovative, practical solutions that fulfill project needs and fit within the reality of our client’s budgets. Our business model allows us to deliver the best service in our industry and foster successful client relationships.

WPEG cultivates an environment that encourages collaboration, continuous improvement and community involvement. As a responsive and flexible engineering company, we have established a solid reputation because we enjoy what we do.

We strive to maximize the efficiency of the civil infrastructure we design, while minimizing the construction and operations costs to our clients. Everything we design will eventually be built, and the leverage our design has over the cost of construction is considerable.

We aim to design civil infrastructure to have high standards while respecting environmental sustainability. We also endeavor to reduce the impact of our own operations through careful selection of supplies, reduction of power consumption and recycling.


Elizabeth De Leon Gonzalez, Civil Engineer in Mexico, started working for Western Pacific Engineering Group Ltd. since 2018 as Civil Designer. Elizabeth De Leon, or Eliza Bennett (Unofficial Canadian name / nick name) already started her accreditation with Association on Engineers of British Columbia to obtain her Civil Engineer designation in Canada. Elizabeth De Leon Gonzalez has been involved in multiples projects for different disciplines, including septic systems and preliminary Municipal Civil design. Elizabeth De Leon was also part of a commission of professionals seeking to learn the way Mission landfill operates so it can be implemented in Bucaramanga, Colombia considering the challenges they are currently facing on their landfill.




Our mission is to expand a reputation based on excellence, innovation and the application of cost-effective solutions that meet our client’s expectations.


To build a safer tomorrow and ensure a better quality of life for our customers and our community.


Commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way. Commitment to innovation and excellence. A commitment to building strong communities, Respect, Dignity, Fairness, Caring, Equality, and Self-esteem.

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