Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal Infrastructure


We understand just how much consideration and planning needs to go into developing even the most basic of municipal infrastructure. Afterall the design, placement, execution, and construction of this infrastructure is going to have an impact on the lives of thousands of people every single day.

When working on a project our team focuses on functionality and sustainability while also aiming to improve the lives of those living in the community. We understand the impact that our designs will have on people and don’t take this responsibility lightly! 

The design of roadways, watermains, sewers, and storm water management form the basis for successful community development and growth. Our team understands the long-term importance of this infrastructure and works to provide municipalities with solutions that will ensure strong and vibrant communities well into the future.

WPEG provides a diverse range of municipal infrastructure services including:

  • Road design, including round-abouts
  • Underground infrastructure, including watermains and sanitary/storm sewers
  • Infrastructure planning and inspection services


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